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Responsibility for our employees and customers. Every day. Always.

E+H Gross is a German family-owned enterprise from the area of Stuttgart. For us it is of great importance to maintain good relations with our customers, suppliers and business partners, as well as to engage fairly on the market of control cabinets. Those standards are proudly embodied in our philosophy, ever since Herbert Gross established the company back in the early ’60s.

The company was founded 1960 by Herbert Gross in Stuttgart. Driven by the German economic miracle in the ’50s and ’60s, soon Mr. Gross recognised the market potential of electric control cabinets. Therefore, the company moved into into new rooms only 3 years after foundation. Further growth, an intelligent market strategy and foresighted planning was the key to success and led to a relocation to Ditzingen in 1973. In 1978 Gross decided to rebuild and expand the office building at the chosen location to make sure, that future expansions are possible.

In the early 2000s, the company decided to further compete in international markets and acquired a construction area in France (Wissembourg), near the German border. In 2013, the continuing growth and influence of strong partnerships with suppliers and customers led to the decision, to build another factory building in Ditzingen. The new facility – including its extension – was finished in 2016/17 and led to the possibility to handle the continuing demand on control cabinet manufacturing by customer side.

Werk 1 - Ditzingen
Werk 2 - Ditzingen

“Solution-oriented”, “reliable”, “economic”, “honest” and “familiar”. These are the core elements of our company’s philosophy. It is our firm conviction that these principles should guide our conduct with every employee, business partner or interested person.

Our actions as a company are influenced by those values. We see them as basic values. Any time. Everywhere.

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“We are focused on providing the best possible product and a solution package of service plans for our customers. Our Market and products require, to questioning ourself everyday to keep those self given standards up.

Alexander & Marcus Gross

Managing Directors

A strong partner for customers and business partners.

E+H Gross provides a services for all categories in building and set up control cabinets. Overall, there are 5 Main Categories:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Wiring
  • Final Assembling
  • Quality control

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