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Providing the highest standards in everything we offer

E+H Gross is your reliable partner for solutions in automation technologies. We guarantee the best possible solutions due to our long time experience in building control cabinets.

More than 160 employees, based in three locations in Germany and France, ensure every day, that your projects are in the best hands and that quality and precision are provided.

E+H Gross is an international operating automation company, focused on the conception and production of control cabinets and automation solutions for many different sectors. For example:

Automotive Industry
Mechanical Engineering Industry
Environmental Technology Industry
Food Processing Industry
Packaging Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry

The electronic and automation industry is under heavy influence by digitisation and the so called “Industrie 4.0”. Therefore, we are always highly interested in engaging new cooperations with new partners and evolve the existing partnerships to a new level. We are sure, that the questions and challenges of “Industrie 4.0” can be solved – but only together in partnerships. Thinking on a new level and an exchange of ideas lead to innovation. That’s what we believe in.