E+H Gross > Management-Philosophy


"Solution-oriented", "reliable", "economic", "honest" and "familiar" are the five key points of the E+H Gross mission statement. These five points affect
our day-to-day activities and reflect our company's management philosophy.

The Company

The company is, since its establishment in 1960, managed by the Gross Family. Nowadays, Alexander and Marcus Gross are the two leading managers of the company. The purpose of the company is a solution orientated work environment.

Our Employees

As main characteristics we requiere for ourself to be solution orientated, reliable, economic, honest and familiar. We evolve trough continuous education, in order to face future challenges. Personal development is very important to us. We want to be an active part of change.

Customers And Partners

We encourage reliable and trustworthy relationship with all our customers and partners. We include them, in all our activities to facilitate improvements. Together we are able to create added value for all involved parties.

Social Responsibility

We strongly encourage social and environmental awareness, in order to ensure a sustainable development of our company, For us, social inclusion is of greatest importance.


We are team players. We use praise and critique as a chance for personal development.

Continuous Improvement

It is our ambition to use any opportunity for continuous improvement of ourselves, our work and our processes. We are open for new ideas.


We commmit ourselves to our own high quality demands. Our Quality Management System is continuously developed, improved and documented.

Law and Responsibility

We commit ourselves to uphold the law of the land. We respect the rights and protected intellectual property of others and demand the respect of our own rights.